Compressor & Motors


A Borewell air compressor pump works by forcing compressed air into bore through a pipe. The compressed air and water mix together resulting in a mixture that is less dense than the surrounding water and therefore flows upward through the pipe


The machine which never runs at synchronous speed is called the induction or asynchronous motor. This motor uses electromagnetic induction phenomenon for transforming the electric power into mechanical power. According to the construction of rotor, there are two types of  phase wound induction motor.

  • Single phase induction motor – The machine which changes1-phase AC electric power into mechanical power by using an electromagnetic induction phenomenon is known as a single phase induction motor.
  • Three-phase Induction Motor – The motor which converts 3-phase AC electric power into mechanical power, such type of motor is known as a three-phase induction motor.

Mono Compressor:

         Monocompressor can be defined as the main mover of the compressor namely the motor as well as the pump is assembled jointly within the similar shelter. This is one kind of mechanical device where a general shaft includes the revolving parts. The pump uses well as motor are connected together without using any coupling device in similar housing among the two shafts. As the name suggests mono means solo, whereas the monocompressor means a pump unit which is inflexibly coupled to prime mover like a motor. 

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